We Can Do Better

My name is Suzanne Cekalla. I am the DFL-endorsed candidate for the Minnesota Senate in District 10, which covers a large area of Central Minnesota. I am a first-time candidate that felt a calling to run for office as a middle-of-the-road, reasonable citizen. I have worked as a nurse, small business owner, ordained minister, and chaplain for the United Church of Christ (UCC). My faith is very important to me, and my calling to ministry keeps me focused on caring for others in what can often be a difficult world. It is more important for me to be clear about political issues which face all of us in Minnesota rather than be negative toward my opponent. We can do better, create more opportunities, and strengthen communities in rural Minnesota.  

Last week, my opponent placed an ad in this paper making some strange accusations about my life and character. Though it saddens me that this campaign has fallen to this kind of behavior, let me say this as clearly as possible: I’m not pro-abortion, I’m not anti-gun, I’m for election security, I’m not left or right, I have the experience, and I believe in rural Minnesota.

A few points:

  1. My opponent referred to HR 4712, which is bipartisan legislation that requires any child born alive following an attempted abortion to be given the same care as any other child. HR 4712 is already in medical practice! Most abortions occur during weeks 12 to 15 of gestation in Minnesota. An abortion is not indicated past the gestation of viability dependent of the weight of the fetus, which is 20 to 23 weeks of gestation. As I have said before, I grieve every time a woman has to make the decision to have an abortion; however, I do not feel politics can safely enter into that decision.
  2. I have seen no verifiable evidence of meaningful election fraud in Minnesota, and the Secretary of State’s Office found only a handful of cases in 2020, not enough to affect any election. Voter ID Laws in other states have been struck down by courts unless ID’s are provided nearly free. I don’t want to waste taxpayer money sending people IDs they don’t need, OR opening up new government offices to distribute Voter ID’s OR defending a law that may or may not solve a problem that may or may not exist. I WOULD support legislation to strengthen independent election audits and security at polling places and am always open to future evidence.
  3. On guns: I grew up in a house with guns. I have used guns. I have six brothers and 27 nieces and nephews, and almost all of them hunt. That’s why I am comfortable with some common sense ideas like limiting magazine size for weapons of war, but I do not now and will never support legislation confiscating guns from legal gun owners. Period.
  4. I am an ordained Pastor for the United Church of Christ. (UCC) The UCC comes out of the old Congregational Church, the church of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. We, as a Protestant denomination, are diverse and independent. When my opponent tried to tie me to a Youth Pride Conference sponsored by a UCC parish in Florida, he associated this with touching children and insinuated that I support child abuse. It’s sadly unsurprising. These political games are just another distraction from someone who apparently has little to offer.
  5. Regarding the Inflation Reduction Act: this act aims to curb inflation by reducing the deficit, lowering prescription drug costs, and investing in domestic energy production. Inflation causes prices to rise, and anything that mitigates this is a good thing. Reducing the deficit, lowering drug costs, and investing in energy security and 21st-century infrastructure will all help working people in Central Minnesota by keeping prices for essential goods low. And, it is being paid for by taxing only large corporations and the very wealthy, just asking them to pay their fair share as they did a generation ago.
  6. Again and again, my opponent offers no clear answers to, or even any recognition of the real issues faced by the residents of SD 10. He brings no solutions to the problems in education, healthcare, economic decline, employment, housing and so many other critical issues. I believe we can do better. Working together to create a better future, we CAN tackle these issues.

That’s why I am seeking to serve as your State Senator. Contact me at [email protected]


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