Veteran Support

The healthcare issue for our veterans is very personal for me. I have two brothers who were in the Vietnam war. They both have health-related issues related to their time in Vietnam, and we owe it to them and all other veterans to care for and support them following their service. I would like to see the process they go through to receive their care be easier, but I understand the huge undertaking the Veterans Administration Medical Center is processing.

Shortage of Healthcare Workers

The shortage of healthcare professionals has had the same effect on the VAMC as we see in some rural Minnesota communities. The lack of specialty care physicians and care providers is a concern for the veterans receiving care at the center.

Senior patient with chronic issues talking to nurse about treatment while sitting in wheelchair at nursing home facility. Medical assistant doing healthcare examination with disabled woman

Pastoral Education

When I was in Seminary, I spent a summer doing an internship for Clinical Pastoral Education at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in St. Cloud.

My experience as a chaplain at the VA was a life-shifting experience. I met veterans from various military experiences who relied on the medical center for their care and emotional support. Without the VA, they felt they did not have any support.

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