Universal, Affordable Broadband

Central Minnesota is a beautiful part of our State, filled with hardworking and proud Minnesotans. However, the lack of infrastructure, particularly reliable, affordable, high-speed Internet access for much of rural MN is a serious issue.

Faster Internet Would Bring More Money Into The District

I know business owners who do most of their work remotely who would love to move back to the communities where they grew up--and bring more jobs and commerce with them when they do. But without reliable high-speed internet service, it isn't possible.

Satellite dish attached to the wooden facade of the house, visible internet and terrestrial TV receivers.

Taking Advantage of Existing Infrastructure

Most of the infrastructure already exists; those of us who benefitted from Minnesota's rural electric cooperatives know how vital they are! The State Legislature just needs to focus a little more on shovel-ready projects that will help Minnesotans right away. I am determined to make that happen.

I will fight for increased investment to provide this vital infrastructure even in the most remote areas of SD 10. High-speed internet benefits everyone! People of all ages including children in school rely on High-Speed Internet for their school studies.

Providing Our Children With A Better Future

We have seen the challenges that schools have had in the recent pandemic. Without the internet, the children and teachers struggled to keep on the mark with their studies and school requirements. I understand that this one issue can and will benefit all residents of our rural communities.

Young student sitting at desk at home and doing his homework, learning and education concept

Legislation has already been passed in Minnesota, now we need to just get the job done and bring High-Speed Internet to the rural residents and businesses of SD10.

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