Schools and Education

We Need More Teachers in Rural Areas and to Keep the Ones We Have

A well-educated society benefits us all, as well as provides individual economic security. Many rural school districts face concerns due to lack of technology infrastructure, low economic investment, and difficulty in hiring and retaining teachers. These problems got much worse during the pandemic.

Restart Wood, Metal and Auto Shop Classes

The state needs to invest in teacher salaries and educational incentives, particularly in rural areas. We also need to restart wood, metal, and auto shop classes and fund robotics and programming elective courses to give future tradespeople and small business owners the best possible start. When we create opportunities for our children, we invest not only in our families but in the economic wellbeing of our communities as well.

A group of small school children with teacher on field trip in nature, learning science.

Incentives for Students

I believe we can work with community education colleges to offer incentives to students to receive specific industry accreditation. Student loans and grants can be made available to students more readily and affordably.

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