Roads and Infrastructure

Minnesota is a wonderful place to live. We have incredible natural beauty, an abundance of resources, and plenty of industry to provide jobs. But all of that doesn't matter if we can't get around. To and from work, school, and church is just the beginning! If goods can't move, our industries dry up, good roads and the care. In short, roads are essential to every element of our society and economy.

Road Construction is it's Own Season in Minnesota

Minnesota has nearly 400,0000 lane miles making us one of the most heavily paved states in the country. And in Minnesota, our roads take a beating! Tons of salt, heavy trucks and machinery, and the extreme range of temperatures lead to the constant cycle of repairs we all know and…tolerate. With the additional burden of climate change now impacting our plans it is vital that the state invest in road and bridge maintenance to keep our economy moving.

Road roller makes the paving. Road roller compacting asphalt. Roller Compactor on Fresh Asphalt.

We Need Repairs on Crumbling Infrastructure

We must focus creatively about solutions, both in terms of new technology and funding streams. After the 35W bridge collapse, our state became much more aware of the unique set of problems our climate in Minnesota creates for our infrastructure. One only needs to visit our neighboring states to realize that we have put a great investment to our highways and structures. Road construction is considered a Season by many in Minnesota.

However, I am grateful that our state sets the bar high when it comes to road repair and renewal. Our state is beautiful during all five Seasons!

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