Healthcare in Rural Communities

Healthcare and affordable prescription medication is a major concern for many in MN. In rural MN. We have particular healthcare challenges. After the recent pandemic, many nurses and other healthcare professionals left the field, worsening staffing shortages.

Investing in the Next Generation of Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Within Our Communities

I believe that educational support and investment is required to encourage people back into healthcare and bring more healthcare providers to our rural communities. I will also work to hold drug companies accountable and support legislation to lower drug costs.

First-Hand Experience Working in Healthcare

I have worked as a nurse and as a chaplain in hospitals and long-term care centers, and I understand the challenges of the healthcare staff. Many of my friends who continue to work in the field share that the staff shortages, incredibly long hours, unreasonable expectations, and corporate demands are causing them to rethink their profession.

Senior patient with chronic issues talking to nurse about treatment while sitting in wheelchair at nursing home facility. Medical assistant doing healthcare examination with disabled woman

People Leaving Healthcare Profession

Many have decided to leave the healthcare field. I believe we will have greater shortages in the near future, especially in rural MN. We have to address these healthcare shortages now to establish and solid future for our communities. Investing in education and addressing the issues that healthcare professionals face is a critical step to work out this long term problem.

New Caps to Prescription Expenditures Within Inflation Reduction Act

With the Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare will be able to negotiate drug prices as well as cap individual prescription expenditures to $2000.00. I believe this is a start to ease the burden of healthcare for each and every one of us.

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