Combating Methamphetamines in Central Minnesota

So many of our families know the pain addiction can cause. "Just say no" is a failure; our kids are smart and curious and some of them are going to get into trouble at some point. The important thing is that we have a way back for them.

Impacting Local Communities

Methamphetamine use and addiction are sadly all too common in Central Minnesota, I realize the problem exists everywhere in the state, but there are specific aspects of addiction in relation to rural communities.

We as communities become keenly aware of the driving forces of addiction. We have a lot of work to do to reverse the trend. We need to invest in better drug courts, as well as addiction and counseling programs in our schools and communities.

Young people addicted to drugs participating in group therapy

We also need to draw a clear legal line between users who fall prey to addiction and those who manufacture and sell these dangerous substances. One deserves our love, support, and forgiveness. The other needs to be removed from the streets as quickly as possible.

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Deaths Amongst all Generations Due to Abuse

We, in our rural Minnesota cities, have had countless deaths caused by counterfeit opioids, I know we have programs working hard to combat drug addictions, but we need to do more. I believe we need to support local drug task forces to target the supply chain as well as educate our youth. The drug supply chain is a BIG business, it will take a focused agenda and program to continue the fight against drugs.

Stronger Community Programs Fight Drug Abuse

I believe by building Community enrichment and personal development groups and events we can offer support, thereby building community as well as helping young folks find meaning and purpose in their lives. Research suggests that helping youth find meaning and purpose in their lives strengthens their ability to remain drug-free. Let's build a stronger, better community and future for our youth.

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