Suzanne Cekalla For MN Senate District 10
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About Suzanne Cekalla

Growing up on a family farm with her six brothers and one sister, Cekalla learned early to work hard, put her faith in God, and take care of her community. After attending a one-room school in North Prairie and graduating from Royalton High School, she put her faith into action: first becoming a nurse and then leading a Community Action Program initiative aimed at protecting children and young adults in Central Minnesota. 

Driven to keep moving forward, Cekalla opened a small business, became a founding member of the Rice Chamber of Commerce, and got her Masters Degree of Divinity--winning the Horace Bushnell Award for Christian Education along the way--all while raising three children. But her faith brought her back to healing, first as a Pastor, then Hospital Chaplin in St. Cloud, and finally calling on her faith to help those in great need as a private grief and loss coach.

Why I'm Running for SD10

The partisanship is ridiculous. And we in rural Minnesota are the ones who suffer. We get left behind. There are great programs that help people in the metro, and great social services that bring communities together. People in rural Minnesota don’t have those same opportunities, and I don’t think that’s fair.

I’m determined to change that

Photo of Suzanne Cekalla
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